Privacy Policy

Don't Fret Pet! values your privacy. Any private information collected and/or stored by this site will never be passed to a third party for the purposes of marketing. All data is stored in a password protected database on a secure web server.

What we record

Members of the public who create accounts on this site will necessarily have their private information stored in our database. This information is necessary to provide our services to you.

This infomation includes:

We do not record complete credit card details.

All passwords are encrypted before being stored.

Seeing your information

Registered users can view and edit the majority of their data in their Profile.

Third Parties

It may be necessary for Don't Fret Pet! to use third party contractors for the building and maintenance of its online services. In these cases, these third parties may have access to your personal information. All third party contractors are prohibited from using or sharing your personal data.

More information

If you have any concerns about your privacy, please contact us at